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Bronco Bama: Russian Stooge

“He reset with Russia shortly after its clash with Georgia in 2008. He concluded the New START agreement with Moscow that reduced our nuclear forces but not theirs. When candidate Mitt Romney warned about Russia in the 2012 campaign, Obama rejected him as a Cold War relic. The president then went on to forge an agreement with Russia’s ally Iran to allow it to preserve its nuclear program. During the red-line fiasco, he eagerly grasped a lifeline from Russia at the price of accepting its intervention in Syria. He never budged on giving Ukraine ‘lethal’ weapons to defend itself from Russian attack. Finally, Obama cut U.S. defense spending and cracked down on fossil fuels, a policy that Russia welcomed since its economy is dependent on high oil prices.”

The Dim insistence that Trump colluded with Putin is projection at best.

Via National Review.

Learning to do

The whining and handwringing over Sarah’s apparent ignorance of the "Bush doctrine," (whatever that is) goes on and on, now even including the usually-conservative Dallas Morning News editorial page and Roger Ebert, the latest entertainment "critic" to turn pol. Rich Lowery has a fine idea: "She is totally new to these issues and has a lot of learning to do." Works for Barry, and he’s not running for veep. Why not for her?