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Missing sailing

The wind, the waves, the sails, the, uh, etc. Sometimes I miss the old boat.

Sailboat sale

Tom, OCS buddy and rare reader who cannot make the TypeKey comment system work, reminds me that I have not written much about sailing this year. The reason is I haven’t been doing much of it since April, for various reasons, mostly involving rancho chores, family travel and driving Mr. B. around to baseball, summer camp and, now, basketball and Cub Scouts.

In fact, the family sloop has been for sale for a few weeks and last Sunday I picked up two interested buyers. Am waiting on a local fellow to get his money together (he has to sell some stock, and this is not a good time for that, obviously), while the other one, from northeast Texas, says he is ready to buy it if the local one doesn’t. If Mr. B. enjoyed going sailing, I would have kept it, but, alas, he doesn’t. On one of our few outings, he pointed at a passing stinkpot (motorboat) and said: “Why don’t we buy one of those, Dad?” Sigh.

UPDATE: The sloop is sold. Feel a little bit sorry already, but that’s relieved by the young, local  buyer’s enthusiasm and excitement. It’s in good hands–younger and more energetic ones, too.