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Wash your hair

You don’t have to fly dirty anymore. They’re letting shampoo and other liquids and gels back on commercial airliners again. Which is good news at the Rancho where we are all flying out next week for Virginia.

"’We now know enough to say that a total ban is no longer needed from a security point of view,’ said Kip Hawley, head of the Transportation Security Administration, at a news conference at Reagan National Airport."

UPDATE  Actually, it’s not that simple. Seems you can carry three-ounce bottles of liquids and gels onto planes, so long as all items fit into a single quart-size zip-top plastic bag. Also got to have your baggie out for inspection at checkpoints.

The person is the weapon

Already wondering how bizarre my flight to Maryland and Virginia in early October is going to be? No shampoo can be carried on, for instance, or bagged in the hold? New rules to uncover before the flight. Wear loafers or deck shoes since you’ll be taking them off now and then, in memory of Richard Reid. All this for the niece’s wedding and chance to see old Vietnam comrade. Worth it.

Hence my interest in this Jerusalem Post piece on Israeli airline security becoming more acceptable in the US. Israeli methods stress that a mere hunt for a weapon in pointy object, shampoo or shoes is fruitless. One must remember that the person is the weapon. I can’t say it made me feel much better, since few details are revealed (Well, of course.-ed. One can dream. One can dream.) but it’s a good overview and a reminder to make sure the will is in order. Air travel is more like 19th century stagecoach, train and steamer travel every year, in terms of the potential dangers–including diseases, albeit different ones–and assorted unpleasant outcomes.