He said/ she said so much easier than thinking

“But The New York Times journalist, whose job it is to deliver the facts, does not mention the evidence which blows Palestinian alleged witness claims out of the water and which also belies Ashrawi’s unfounded allegation: the televised footage of Sider running with the knife.”

Hey, print journalists scorn the TV types. Video-schmideo. We all know how video can be doctored, right? Not nearly as easy as the print version, however, it must be said. Eh, NYTimes?

Via Simply Jews.

2 responses to “He said/ she said so much easier than thinking

  1. Israel, and Jews in general, has to forget any silly ideas of winning or even competing in the propaganda war. You can’t win it. Maximize Israel’s self sufficiency in all ways, hope for (but don’t rely upon it) outside assistance, and ignore this other useless crap. God helps those who help themselves, you know.

  2. Yep. To which Mr. B. and I have joined the Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club of Central Texas, about half of whose 30-odd members have concealed-carry licenses. We’ll target shoot once a month out near Liberty Hill starting in December, while Mr. B. and I will do it weekly at an indoor range in South Austin.