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Barry: Gun Salesman of The Year

Of the year? Hell. Barry’s the gun salesman of the century!

This clown has done more to sell more guns than any previous president, including Slick Willie, who made the “assault weapon” more popular than ever before.

Democrats are amazing that way, because they really, really like to tell other people what they can’t do.

And, as gun-instructor-turned-novelist Larry Correia puts it so well: “…nothing makes an American want to do something more than telling them they can’t.”

Or, in Barry’s case, making them THINK he’s getting ready to tell them they can’t buy more guns. Not that Barry’s actually stupid, you understand. Even I (who sincerely don’t like him) don’t believe that.

Despite the loud mouths who proclaim that he will try to confiscate our guns, he really won’t. He’s not going to try to do that because he’s not suicidal and that’s what it would take.

Besides he knows there aren’t enough cops in America to enforce that particular idea, even if they could be compelled to try, which I sincerely doubt.

So rest easy gun owners. And as for you leftist antigunners, heh. Just heh.