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Leaving The Alamo

My self-published book of short stories, available for free in pdf in the upper part of the sidebar on the blog’s main page, or for a mere eleven bucks in paperbook at the link above it, has a new fan. Lucky for me, he even posted an appreciation on his own blog. Thank you.

Visiting Israel

Had a nice chat this morning on Skype with Snoopy the Goon in Israel. It was almost like visiting the country itself, though, of course, I never left my chair in the study at the rancho. Mr. Goon, who prefers to remain anonymous, reminded me that I have said I want to visit in person, and I do, but there are too many complications at the moment. Mr. B.’s mom is afraid of going, hostage, I think, to the MSM’s drumbeat of rockets and suicide bombings. Like the way they cover Iraq, all blood and guts, and no in-between. I doubt she would let me take Mr. B. by himself, and otherwise arrangements would have to be made for taking care of him while I was gone. So, for now, an actual visit will remain no more than a future intention. But Skype brought me a little closer. My voice, at least. About fifty kilometers (thirty-one miles) from Jerusalem, in fact.


We’re converts, here at the rancho, to Skype, the Internet phone service that works with video cameras so you and your interlocutor can see each other as you talk. My cousin Jerry in Dallas, a ham radio operator since the 1930s, got me onto it, and I talked my out-of-state sisters into it. So the four of us have now had conversations and video visits weekends since the middle of January from one end of the country to the other. The camera and a headset (or a microphone) are all you have to pay for. Skype is a free download, and so are the calls, if you have broadband, of course. The video’s a little jerky sometimes, but it’s still more fun than a phone call–and cheaper. Jerry talks to his son in England all the time. Maybe I can interest Snoopy the Goon in it. It would be fun to talk to Israel.