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Say a prayer for…

Rare reader and longtime blogging pal Snoopy-the-Goon in Israel had a heart attack today. His son emailed me about it and said a stent had been put in the offending artery and the recovery seems to be going okay.

He also advised I should cancel my plans to come visit them in October, but I’m going to think about that before I do it. I might book a hotel and plan to take buses, etc. Maybe pay a short visit to the patient. In the meantime, please say a prayer for Snoop’s continuing recovery.

Refuah Shlema!.

Knoxville 1863 review

My Israeli friend “Snoopy the Goon” (he prefers anonymity on the Web) has written a nice review of my Civil War historical battle novel and posted it on his blog with links to the Amazon sales page and the book’s new blog, “Knoxville 1863, the novel.”

Thanks, Snoop. Considering that you don’t normally like military history (and that you even had to Google Tennessee to see where Knoxville was), I admire your persistence and I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the story.

A new kind of Nigerian scam

Wonder why the, ahem, security bureaucracy failed to stop the PantyBomber from boarding the jet? Despite his own father’s advance warning?

Other than for the usual reasons of its own ineptitude. Well, No Good Boyo has the explanation. Imagine you are an FBI agent on the receiving end of this: "Hello, I am a senior Nigerian banker. I have important information for you…"

Arizona Crane


Another super bird photo from Snoopy the Goon on his recent Arizona trip. The fellow is good!

Arizona Cardinal


More of Snoopy-the-goon’s photographic work fromhis recent trip to Arizona.

Western humor


Snoopy the Goon’s from Arizona.

Beautiful Arizona


Rare reader and good Israeli friend Snoopy-the-Goon is at an early-to-rise, late-to-finish photography bootcamp in Arizona this week where the above shot originated. One of his grown children lives in the vicinity. Have fun, STG.