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Space Porno

Riding one of the (now defunct) space shuttle’s Solid Rocket Boosters to 41 miles high and back again to splash down in the Atlantic. Even the audio is orgasmic.

Via Instapundit.

International Space Station

It may, sooner than we’d like, be allowed to crash into the atmosphere and burn up, its fragments falling into the oceans. But, in the meantime, watch this flash timeline of how it was built and think about what yet may be done there.

The moon abandoned

Monday’s fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing will be a mockery — of us. It will be followed, with the death of the shuttle-to-nowhere program fourteen months from now, by… nothing. As Krauthammer says: "We came, we saw, we retreated."

UPDATE:  Tom Wolfe: "One giant leap to nowhere." And, when I say "us" above, I mean Americans. I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese or the Indians to someday land on the moon and stay.

Space is a (more dangerous) place

New results of space shuttle research on bacteria has ominous implications. People get weaker in microgravity and have to exercise like crazy just to retain their normal health. But that same microgravity makes Salmonella typhimurium bacteria more virulent. The researchers say the finding might help them concoct new treatments for infections from the bug here on the ground. They probably also better be thinking about this new danger for already-impaired people out in the black.

Man in space


An old picture, but still an inspiring one. It’s been tedious and slow since the moon landings, but, in historical terms (geological ones, if you like) we’re on our way. 

Today’s pretty picture


Its’ a good thing NASA takes its own photos in space and displays them on the Internet. If we had to rely solely on the MSM, as we did before the Web, we’d never see them. 

More shuttle trouble

The space shuttle seems to have suffered some launch damage to its re-entry heat shield–again.

"On Sunday, the astronauts will use a robot arm and extension boom, tipped with a laser and camera, to determine the exact size and depth of the gouge… Experts will then decide whether the damage warrants repair. If it cannot be fixed, the crew would have to remain at the space station until a rescue shuttle could be launched…"

These things are getting old, obviously. Retirement can’t come too soon.

UPDATE  There’s enough worry for NASA engineers on the ground to start running heat tests to see if the gouged tiles can withstand re-entry temperatures, or if a fix in orbit is required.