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By the numbers


Some may say this would have been the result if we’d had more troops in Iraq in the first place. But the cause of these declining numbers is more likely to have been the switch in tactics, from conventional to counterinsurgency–which is, in itself, the wave of the immediate future of American war. Some contrarians are even calling it the most successful military campaign in history. Hope that lasts.

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Embracing the surge

Congress should do so, says this two-tour Marine major because it can work and whittle our forces in half within eighteen months.

"American soldiers in Iraq are constantly asked about our commitment to a fight we started. Most of the advisers I got to know during my most recent tour, which ended in February, were quick to try to assuage their Iraqi counterparts’ concerns and dismissive of the calls for withdrawal by American politicians, news of which trickled onto the battlefield during the winter. After all, the surge itself would not be fully under way until mid-summer. Surely the politicians would give it a chance to work."

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Baghdad, week 2

Troops are increasing incrementally daily…

"We are getting used to the procedures at checkpoints; keep your hands visible on the wheel, keep your papers close to you, prepare to open the trunk and if it’s getting dark then turn the headlights off and turn the reading light on…The terrorists counterattack is a dirty chemical one this time. Nothing surprising about it though—their old master had a long history of using chemical weapons against unarmed civilians and so we’d expect the minions to use the same evil ways to mass murder and terrorize our people."

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Quieter in Baghdad

The surge and its crackdown are taking hold:

"We are hearing fewer explosions and less gunfire now than two weeks ago and that, in Baghdad, qualifies as quiet. I agree with what some experts say about this lull in violence being the result of militants keeping their heads down for a while. It is also possibly the result of the flight of the commanders of militant groups. Grunts left without planners, money or leaders wouldn’t want to do much on their own."

If the IA and the police can get a handle on it, it could make it harder to resume the attacks later.

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Facing Pelosi


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B-1 over Baghdad

Omar at Iraq the Model posts a cellphone snapshot of a B-1 Lancer a few thousand feet over his city, apparently as part of the crackdown of the surge which, he says, already is being felt by residents:

"On the streets, checkpoints and roadblocks are becoming increasingly serious and strict in doing their job; soldiers and policemen are sparing no vehicles or convoys from searching and I personally saw a case yesterday where an ambulance driver tried to rush his vehicle through a checkpoint but the soldiers ordered him to stop and let him pass only after they checked the inside of the vehicle finding only a civilian medical emergency."

As for the B-1, its satellite-guided, 500-pound GBU-38 "reduces undesired collateral damage and is very useful in urban Close Air Support," according to Wikipedia.

The war within

The American opposition to Iraq rises, threatening a million demonstrators before the year is out:

"A band of Republican senators, including Nebraska’s Chuck Hagel, threatened Wednesday to shut down the Senate until it debates a resolution disagreeing with President Bush’s troop surge for Iraq."