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Our robot overlords have arrived

This K-Max robot helicopter, which has no human crew, is doing resupply for Marines in Afghanistan. Up to 4,500 pounds worth. Yes, but will it do Medevac?

Meanwhile, our drone-lovin’ president (like Slick Willie a natural-born killer when he can do it by remote control without endangering himself) is encouraging the use of drones over our airspace. Maybe the next time you see a helicopter fly over your neighborhood, you should duck and cover.

Or else bring out your still-legal (so far) AR-15 semiauto and shoot the sumbitch down. Not that I would ever advise anyone to break the law, you understand.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

The Marines do PR, but the Army, well…

The Walter Reed scandal of early 2007 is a case study in the failure of information warfare thus far.

UPDATE:  But when Dhimmicrat Mad Jack Murtha and the MSM are out to get ’em, even the Marines falter. Until the prosecutions collapse.


Instead of wasting energy or emotion on the latest NYTimes slander of America’s warriors, take a minute to see this new less-is-more Marines recruiting ad. Then one more minute to check out the wordier but still impressive Army one. Outstanding.

Unwelcome in Oakland

Seems the email story–poo-pooed by some–about the Marines being left on the tarmac at Oakland International Airport is true. Seems like those California airport officials could have–at the least–arranged free delivery of soda pop and snacks. Although I’m sure it would be better to land in Dallas or some other Red State, where real consideration for the military is the norm. Maybe they should plan to do that in the future.

UPDATE:  Like this volunteer effort to greet the troops in Dallas, for instance 

Embracing the surge

Congress should do so, says this two-tour Marine major because it can work and whittle our forces in half within eighteen months.

"American soldiers in Iraq are constantly asked about our commitment to a fight we started. Most of the advisers I got to know during my most recent tour, which ended in February, were quick to try to assuage their Iraqi counterparts’ concerns and dismissive of the calls for withdrawal by American politicians, news of which trickled onto the battlefield during the winter. After all, the surge itself would not be fully under way until mid-summer. Surely the politicians would give it a chance to work."

Read it all

Osprey to deploy

The think-tank critics and the MSM hate it. The Marines love it. And it will finally go to war, assuming the Dems haven’t figured a way to force a withdrawal by then:

"This fall Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263 based at New River Marine Corps Air Station in North Carolina will deploy to Al Asad in western Iraq for seven months with around a dozen Ospreys, replacing 1960s-era Boeing H-46 Sea Knights for ferrying and re-supplying Marines fighting in that huge, desolate province."

Read it all at War Is Boring. 


"A few days ago, the loud siren sounded, and the ‘big voice’ speakers bellowed ‘INCOMING! INCOMING!’. A group of new Marines scattered like ducklings under the shadow of a hawk. Several ran around the corner of a concrete barrier and into a group of us chatting on as though nothing had happened. We watched as they collected themselves and tried to pretend as though nothing had happened, and then returned to conversation."

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