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IED finder

Teflon Don on the skill hardly anybody knew was pursued in Iraq, until now, if they read him and the WaPo. The Buffalo finds and blows them, safely as can be done.

“At least I know he’s happy somewhere.”

Teflon Don has vivid dreams, including one of his platoon at the mall, and a dead friend making and selling coffee, just like he wanted to.

Why the AC goes out

Teflon Don has a short, succinct explanation for why there’s so much difficulty in keeping the electricity on, four years into the Iraq campaign, even for soldiers who patrol all the time, except for the afternoon hours when they try to sleep in the unalleviated heat.

Blog the war, folks

Teflon Don sums up why only chumps rely on the Associated Press these days:

"Michael Yon provides pictures, video, grid coordinates and interviews to verify a mass grave, and the most definite news byte that the Associated Press will print is that mass graves ‘reportably‘ exist in Baqouba? That isn’t even up to the level of the common complaint that the media fails to report good news. That’s failing to report the bad news correctly…Blog the war, folks. It’s the only way you’ll learn anything."

Conversely, if you don’t want to know what’s happening in the war, because it might interfere with your political prejudices, stick with the AP.

Teflon Don’s leave

"It’s dusty, around 115-120 degrees, and generally not as nice as Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. Now, of course, I’m back in Iraq, where we have all of that and bullets, too."

But he had fun on home leave in the aforementioned places, cooking, attending a wedding and doing a little target shooting. Pix and words here

Combat lesson

Back in Iraq from home leave, Teflon Don counts the ways combat has changed him:

"I own the ground I walk on, and you’ll have to go through me if you want to take it. I’ve made it through nine months in what was once called the ‘triangle of death’; that area of Iraq that last year saw nearly thirty percent of those serving within it earn the Purple Heart. I’ve learned, as I think most combat soldiers do, to truly ‘not sweat the small stuff’. If a situation doesn’t threaten death or injury, I can’t trouble myself to care too much about it."

Why we fight

The action on Teflon Don’s R&R from Iraq revealed by Badger 6.