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The Texas-Mexico border: Safe and sound

“Our southern border is safe and sound. That’s what I found tracing it by bicycle. The one thing I didn’t find on the border that I expected to find everywhere, growing like scrub brush in the desert, was anger. I assumed Mexicans would be angry with Americans, intruders like me. I assumed Texans would be angry with Mexicans. I was wrong on both counts. These are generous people with centuries of a shared culture.”

A good read.

Via The Weekly Standard

Fence donations

If the feds won’t build the southern border fence, and so far they won’t, this outfit will raise money to do it.

Life and death on the southern border

When you don’t have a real border, because you don’t have enough people to enforce it, and won’t build a fence to help them, you get fearful citizens, arming themselves a hundred miles from the Rio Grande:

"If it was the immigrants of old there’d be no fear; you’d live and let live. If they wanted to improve their lives that’s fine. Before, the travelers came alone or with one or two of their family, and they were humble, polite. Now they come in packs. They’re desperate, bold. A lot of them are pretty well dressed, and everyone seems to want to go to Houston. It’s a completely different element."

From The Immigrant Graveyards of South Texas, a long read but an uncommonly good one from the Texas Observer. Via AlterNet

Leaving the gate open

Five years after 9/11, it’s comforting that nothing like that has happened again. But, as the Fort Dix case shows, engaging the enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere probably won’t do the trick forever:

"…this is still one of the easiest countries in the world in which to establish a functioning but fraudulent identity."

Closing the borders would help. Too bad not enough politicians are willing to do it.