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Feds Subsidizing Christianity

Not only are the feds falling all over themselves to spend hundreds of millions on the latest wave of illegal immigrants, but they’re allowing the bucks to be administered by Christian groups, specifically Baptists and Catholics.

I can hear the howling now from the Democrat news media if the Republicans were doing this. But of course in a sense they are. The GOP establishment is just as eager as the Democrats to defy public opinion when it comes to illegals.

Advice to victims of the Democrat economy: Get yourself and your kids down to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio or Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma, forget you speak English, and cash in on the goodies.

Learning to say “I will vote Democrat” in Spanish will be a big help.

Via Judicial Watch (as Instapundit says: Doing the job the Democrat news media won’t.)

What is the purpose of America?

Philadelphia, PA. blogger John Salmon, of Rene’s Apple, also known as “Father Brown At Leisure,” says the “purpose” of America is to uplift the world’s poor. Thus he’s all for as many poor Hispanics as want to swarm over our open Southern border as possible. Come one, come all, is John’s preference.

Because he sees it as our reason for existence to offer them citizenship and elevate their standard of living. And anyone who disagrees (that’s me), he says very explicitly, is a racist. John claims to be a conservative. I think he’s really a RINO. A big-government guy in conservative drag.

Me, I’m not sure what any country’s “purpose” is. What is the purpose of Germany? What of Italy, or Russia, or, shudder, Iran?

I thought our purpose, if you could call it that, was to be free. You know: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. What do you think?

The bill that will not die

Amnesty for illegal immigrants, that’s what. How many times do you have to drive a stake through its heart? This time it’s the Dems pushing it. Mickey Kaus at Slate has more:

"My problems with the proposed law–which would in effect grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens under 30 who can claim they came into the country before they turned 16–are outlined here."

Via Instapundit

Life and death on the southern border

When you don’t have a real border, because you don’t have enough people to enforce it, and won’t build a fence to help them, you get fearful citizens, arming themselves a hundred miles from the Rio Grande:

"If it was the immigrants of old there’d be no fear; you’d live and let live. If they wanted to improve their lives that’s fine. Before, the travelers came alone or with one or two of their family, and they were humble, polite. Now they come in packs. They’re desperate, bold. A lot of them are pretty well dressed, and everyone seems to want to go to Houston. It’s a completely different element."

From The Immigrant Graveyards of South Texas, a long read but an uncommonly good one from the Texas Observer. Via AlterNet