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Not the human trafficers across the Texas-Mexico border called coyotes, but the animal kind. City of Austin is telling neighborhood associations the animal kind are becoming plentiful and to watch out for them wandering into yards in search of food and water. And then preying on small pets let outdoors.

“Haze coyotes when seen,” a city news release says. “And always supervise small pets when outside. Hazing keeps these adaptable animals wary of humans and less likely to hang around. Yelling, waving your arms, spraying the animal with a hose or tossing non-edible objects near it will encourage it to leave.”

Shoot. And I thought the Californicator invasion was the main thing we had to worry about.

Via City of Austin

Life and death on the southern border

When you don’t have a real border, because you don’t have enough people to enforce it, and won’t build a fence to help them, you get fearful citizens, arming themselves a hundred miles from the Rio Grande:

"If it was the immigrants of old there’d be no fear; you’d live and let live. If they wanted to improve their lives that’s fine. Before, the travelers came alone or with one or two of their family, and they were humble, polite. Now they come in packs. They’re desperate, bold. A lot of them are pretty well dressed, and everyone seems to want to go to Houston. It’s a completely different element."

From The Immigrant Graveyards of South Texas, a long read but an uncommonly good one from the Texas Observer. Via AlterNet