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Rick’s border surge

Gov. Perry to Department of Public Safety, i.e. the state police:  “…you are directed to plan and execute a surge operation of increased law enforcement in Texas border counties” to handle the growing numbers of illegals crossing the Rio Grande and the drugs and other lawlessness appending.

AG Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst have chimed in with their own directives.

I guess we won’t be seeing the usual number of state troopers on the highways for a while. They’ll all be down in the Valley, doing the job the feds and their Democrat overseers refuse to do—hoping for a surge in new voters this fall, no doubt. If they can quash voter i.d. in the meantime.

UPDATE:  Our tax dollars at work. Flying some of them to Massachusetts, yeah. Now that I can get behind.

MORE: DPS boss explains what the surge is up: “Since October more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have crossed the border illegally. McCraw says the feds are not doing their job of securing the border. It’s a situation the Mexican cartels are leveraging.”

Mr. B.’s crowded classroom

His fifth grade class, which meets for the first time on Monday, will have thirty pupils. That’s eight more than his fourth grade class had. Seems the public school system has no maximum size requirements for fifth grade. Getting them ready for the crowded classrooms of middle school, I’d bet.

The school principal says she’s working on reducing the fifth grade class sizes, but is promising nothing. Figures. I bet there are two things at work here: the teachers’ unions keeping pay high so more teachers can’t be hired, and the swarm of illegal immigrants flowing across our Southern border.

The National Council of Das Volk

An activist group for German-Americans, eerily reminiscent of Aryan Nazi racism. How about an Armenian Studies Program at a major university? Or a “wise Pakistani” on the Supreme Court?

Yet few seem to question The National Council of La Raza, the Chicano Studies Program, or the “wise Latina” —all eligible for Affirmative Action originally intended to redress only African-American slavery and segregation. VDH, as usual,  hits the contradictory nails.

Meanwhile, amid all the illegal-immigrant celebration of the recent court decision against Arizona’s anti-illegals (almost entirely from Mexico) law, there is the solace (buried in the news stories) that it is merely a temporary restraining order. Which is being appealed. After all, as VDH says:

“If the Border Patrol can question those on the American side of the fence on reasonable grounds, then why cannot the policeman do so too a few miles distant?”

The great game is no longer only in Central Asia. It’s also on the U.S.-Mexico border where, aided by corrupt politicians on both sides, it goes on and on, keeping the racist Mexican oligarchy in power and changing our country and our culture as if that was the most natural thing to be doing.

No es una problema

The latest telephone poll taken by the Arizona Governor’s office asked whether people who live in Arizona think illegal immigration is a serious problem?

29% responded, “Yes, it is a serious problem.”

71% responded, “No es una problema seriosa

Meanwhile, Obamalot is assiduously guarding the northern border. Figures.

Mexico: Export poverty, si! Import? No.

BLITZER:  Do Mexican police go around asking for papers of people they suspect are illegal immigrants?

CALDERON:  Of course! Of course!

BLITZER: If somebody sneaks in from Nicaragua or some other country in Central America through the southern border of Mexico and they wind up in Mexico, they can going get a job?

CALDERON:  No, no, no.

BLITZER:  They can work?

CALDERON:  If somebody do that without permissions, we send — we send back them.

Via Rush Limbaugh and Ann Althouse.

Astroturfing the daily

Of all the city council’s silliness over the years, its new boycott of Arizona over illegal immigration takes the booby prize. The funniest part, though, is the boos so far outnumber the yays in the letters-to-the-editor at the daily:

“In a town as reliably liberal as Austin, wouldn’t one assume that a few would stand up for the city council — if their action was at all defensible?  The fact that no one seems willing to fight for this silly boycott makes it clear just how important it is to the Statesman’s readers.”

Hmm. That also may be going too far. But it’s pretty funny that the situation has reduced Obamalot to orchestrating an astroturf letter-writing campaign.

The “papers, please” canard

Blogger John Salmon and I are continuing our argument (when he’s not trying to change the subject to the “awful” Mexican War) about his favoring leaving the Southern border open and amnesty for all comers and, by-the-by, calling me and others who disagree with him racists.

One of his arguments against the new Arizona immigration law is the standard legacy media lie that, under its provisions, cops (presumably white fascists) will start pulling over every Hispanic Mexican-looking driver and demanding their papers proving their right to be in the country. Sounds likely to John and his fellow Northeasterners, who see precious few Hispanics Mexicans.

The flaw in the argument (which also has been made by none other than our feckless president) is the large size of the Hispanic Mexican population here in Texas (one-third of us) and the other border states. Not to mention the crucial fact that many of our cops are, themselves, Hispanics Mexican-Americans.

So no cop in Arizona or anywhere else in a border state is going to start picking on Hispanics Mexicans about their citizenship unless they are already suspected of violating the law. Otherwise, there’d be no time for said cops to do anything else but stop them, there are so many of them. You see what I’m saying?