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Second chemo round Thursday

We’re about 24 hours away from the beginning of Mrs. Charm’s second round of high-dose chemo for her recurring lymphoma, this time at Seton Hospital in central Austin. And it can’t come too soon. Her two-week recovery from the first round at M.D. Anderson in Houston has not been very pleasant. Her abdomen pain is back and the fever also, though neither are as bad as they were before the first round and the fever, at least is lower and it comes and goes.

The fever (possibly signifying an infection) will have to be gone before they’ll start the second round, according to the Austin doctor with Texas Oncology who will handle it. We met with him on Monday. The good news was that the swelling of her leg (called lymphedema) had diminished almost back to normal. The bad news is that it is swelling again. At least she has not been much bothered by nausea from the first round, though she has had trouble sleeping and so is tired much of the time and has little energy.

Once the second round has been over for two weeks, around Oct. 5, we’ll go back to M.D. Anderson for tests to determine if a culminating third round would be meaningful. If so it will be done in Austin again. If not, her Anderson doc will enroll her in a clinical trial of an experimental drug, probably there in Houston. Other alternatives also may be available. So we’ve got a ways to go yet. As always, thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Mrs Charm is in remission

It’s official. Mrs. C’s oncologist says her latest PET scan shows “no evidence” of the lymphoma cancer she was diagnosed with back in September. So chemo is over and she’s in remission.

The only (literally) dark spot is a reappearance of the “ghost” that first appeared back in December on a CT scan. Although now, with the finer resolution of the PET, the doc says it is not a mass as previously feared but apparently an inflammation of some sort. Mrs. C. is scheduled for a colonoscopy next week to try to be more precise.

For now there’s joy in Mudville. Mrs. C. got to ring the bell at Texas Oncology’s infusion center. It’s the signal for a cancer patient who has successfully completed chemotherapy. There were smiles all around. And plans for her to go back to work in a few weeks, probably for half days at first.