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It’s Sam

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford has won the Heisman trophy over Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow. I’m sorry the Tuscola Kid didn’t get it, but I’m glad it went to the Big Twelve. Colt still has a chance next year. Well, all three of them do, actually.

Tuscola Kid, Part 4

Texas QB Colt McCoy walked out of Austin’s Brackenridge Hospital a few hours after being carted off the field tied to a stretcher.

"He had been taken to the hospital for X-rays and observation after landing hard on the turf in the final seconds of Texas’ 12-7 loss to Texas A&M. It was unclear what McCoy may have injured…At the hospital, workers and patients applauded as McCoy walked out with his family."

Glad to hear he can walk. Hope to hear he can play again for whatever bowl game the Horns get. But this looked similar to his injury at the beginning of the K State game, i.e. he could not move his right arm for a time. Hope some enterprising reporter is trying to find out if the two injuries are medically connected.

UPDATE  Suzanne Halliburton reports that Colt had a severe pinched nerve in his neck–his second nerve injury in two games–after an A&M defender hit him under the jaw but trainer Kenny Boyd expects a full recovery.