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The Thugs of Charlotte

The Charlotte rioters have distinguished themselves by being both more violent and less relevant than even the Ferguson thugs. Not to mention the rioters of Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York. Interestingly, these thugs are supporting what are, in Ferguson’s case indisputably, and in Charlotte’s case so far presumably, bad asses who were killed because they were asking for it from the cops. This is Obama’s America—where criminals are emboldened.

Black rioters, in general, have always distinguished themselves by their trashing and looting of stores. What a politician would call being “off message.” It tends to weaken with the rest of us whatever argument they have. What is unusual about Charlotte is they are not trashing Dollar General in their own blighted neighborhoods but upscale, downtown shops in the heart of the banking district where non-blacks are vulnerable. Thousands of employees have been told not to come to work.

Which probably thrills the thug supporters in the modern, and very undistinguished NAACP, not to mention the anti-Israel Black Lives Matter anarchists—financed, lest we forget, by the leftist Ford Foundation— who are clearly anti-cop and anti-public order. But meanwhile it has reportedly ignited a rush on buying firearms, mostly 12-gauge shotguns and buckshot.

If the Democrats had any sense (I know, I know) they’d be working mightily and highly visibly to restore peace to Charlotte. But whether they do or not, the rioting is going to be a tremendous aid to electing Donald Trump, the law-and-order candidate, to the White House. Thanks, thugs.

Via DrudgeReport