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The latest releasee

Sleep deprivation is the new torture. Western Civ has come a long way to arrive at such nonsense.

Real torture

The waterboarding-as-torture meme and subsequent political "debate" is piffle. Real torture is mutilation: burning, cutting, breaking. Practiced by all races and all cultures for all of history.

Start with the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet: burn them until the nerves die. Cut genitals. Break bones. The Comanches liked to remove eyelids and stake the victim facing the rising sun. Waterboarding, or simulated drowning, is frightening, I’m sure. But real torture means permanent damage.




Who’s lying?

Is it the House Misspeaker Nancy Pelosi or the CIA, the gang that can’t ever seem to get its story straight? At this hour, Instapundit readers are voting Nancy. Alas, there is no category for both. Let the show trials begin!

Let the show trials begin?

Well, maybe. With Barry, it’s hard to know. VDH says Barry usually does what he says he won’t and seldom does what he says he will. But that seems much too simple. One thing is for sure. The trials they could get sticky. And if he doesn’t keep his own nose clean, he could find himself in the retribution dock someday.


The real stuff, the way al Q does it. Not a pretty sight. No lace women’s panties on the heads here.