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The Vanishing Documents

The long reach of the Deep State

Or else it was an inside-Fox job. Chris Wallace, maybe?

UPDATE: UPS found the paper documents but still can’t locate the flash drive containing them and more, according to Tucker Carlson.

Tucker on Trump

Truly, the Left can’t control our president, as Tucker demonstrates, and it remains to be seen if they can beat him in November, but meanwhile, what a wasteland, as someone once called broadcast television. Is cable worse? Can these whiners be eased out for ones more objective or are we doomed to see the invective spread? Meanwhile, we have The Donald.

Google’s “silent donation” to Clinton

An email chain reveals the company tried to influence the 2016 election by encouraging Latinos to get out the vote for Clinton.

“In the emails, a Google executive describes efforts to pay for free rides for a certain sect of the population to the polls–a get-out-the-vote for Hispanic voters operation–and how these efforts were because she thought it would help Hillary Clinton win the general election in 2016. She also used the term ‘silent donation’ to describe Google’s contribution to the effort to elect Clinton president.”

The emails, first obtained by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, admitted that the effort was a failure when Trump carried 29 percent of Hispanics nationally and about 31 percent in the key battleground of Florida. Heh.

Via Breitbart

UPDATE:  John Hinderaker at Power Line Blog posts a video of Google execs obtained by Breitbart showing them lamenting Trump’s election and strategizing how to unseat him. Hinderaker says it’s official, Google is a Democrat Party front. What to do about the Leftist tech-monopolies of Silicon Valley, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?