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Google’s “silent donation” to Clinton

An email chain reveals the company tried to influence the 2016 election by encouraging Latinos to get out the vote for Clinton.

“In the emails, a Google executive describes efforts to pay for free rides for a certain sect of the population to the polls–a get-out-the-vote for Hispanic voters operation–and how these efforts were because she thought it would help Hillary Clinton win the general election in 2016. She also used the term ‘silent donation’ to describe Google’s contribution to the effort to elect Clinton president.”

The emails, first obtained by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, admitted that the effort was a failure when Trump carried 29 percent of Hispanics nationally and about 31 percent in the key battleground of Florida. Heh.

Via Breitbart

UPDATE:  John Hinderaker at Power Line Blog posts a video of Google execs obtained by Breitbart showing them lamenting Trump’s election and strategizing how to unseat him. Hinderaker says it’s official, Google is a Democrat Party front. What to do about the Leftist tech-monopolies of Silicon Valley, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Steelers, others cave, Trump wins

“After the Pittsburgh Steelers’ national anthem debacle with only one player standing on the field for the national anthem and the rest of the team in the locker room, Steelers veteran center Maurkice Pouncey vowed the team would all be standing together Sunday in Baltimore.”

With ticket sales down almost 18 percent, and television advertising (which pays players salaries) threatened, Trump is winning.

Via Breitbart

UPDATE:  The Steelers were all standing. Not even locking arms. Most other teams stood, with a few holdouts kneeling or sitting. You betcha paycheck, boys.

WaPo’s lies

“….Breitbart News, an alt-right news site that has become a forum for the white nationalist movement…”

I read Breitbart News every day. I have yet to see any item or “forum” about white nationalism. I’m not sure what this repeated expression in the Washington Post and other dominant Democrat media even means.

Except that it’s another Democrat smear, the leftists preferred method of handling politics and the leftist news media’s reporting of same. Just a lie to keep the political pot boiling and Generation Snowflake wailing.

UPDATE:  More fake news from that fakiest of the fakers, the NYTimes. Now claiming, on the front page no less, that Breitbart is a birther site. Drivel. No wonder this Democrat lapdog and Obama and Clinton shill is losing subscribers and money.

Good news: Al Jiz is a fizz

“CNN averages 453,000 viewers, AJAM (Al Jazeera America) has 17,000 viewers. Those are just different levels of failure. [Fox averages 1.7 million.]

“The difference is that CNN still has an enormous amount of impact on the national political and social conversation. As long as that impact exists, the Left is going to fund CNN.

AJAM has no impact. None. Zip. Nada. The network’s stories get zero traction. Not a single story, video clip, factoid, or interview has ever penetrated the news cycle in any way. AJAM is the proverbial tree in a forest no one hears fall.”

Could be that’s why terrorist-supporting Qatar’s baby went blatantly pro-Hamas when Israel fought back against the rockets. Gotta get an audience somehow, even if it means taking off the mask.

Via Breitbart News’ John Nolte.

Burning windmills

We already knew they were uneconomic without government subsidies. Too much maintenance required, for one thing. Not enough electricity generated for another. Now we learn they are catching fire regularly. What a stupid technology.

Meanwhile the Euros are still waiting for their wind-powered cars.

Via Mouth of The Brazos.

The Democrat’s federal coup

My Democrat friends (yes, I still have a few) are taking the Obama scandals rather well considering…

Five federal executive departments are either breaking the law or lying to Congress about what they’re doing or both:

** State [Benghazi murders, embassy and security sex scandals],

**Defense [NSA’s monitoring of who we call and how often and everything else we do on the Internet, collecting for when, if, they want to use it],

**Justice [monitoring reporter’s phone calls, shipping automatic rifles to Mexican drug cartels],

**Treasury [using the IRS against the president’s critics and anyone else who doesn’t toe the Democrat line], and

**Health and Human Services [shaking down corporations to pay for advertising for Obamacare, which the thoroughly untrustworthy IRS will soon be managing with your medical records].

And my Democrat friends? Are they embarrassed that their man is in the White House while all this is going down? While he claims to know nothing about any of it? (Just like Nixon and, like Nixon, certainly lying about it.)

That their favorite soon-to-be-presidential-candidate was at State when an American ambassador and two SEALs trying to save him were murdered? And then she lied about it, to us and to the families at the funeral?

You wish. They shrug. The Tea Party deserved it. The extreme Right is dangerous, etc. (The Right, to them, is always “extreme”.) All presidents do this. Bush was no angel. Reagan gave weapons to the Iranians. And so on.

Liberal Fascism, indeed. It can happen here. It has happened here. As Rush Limbaugh so rightly says, the Democrat federal executive has pulled a coup on all of us.

There is no law in the USA. Get used to it.

Unless…. The Congress is not reacting well to the news that their emails and calls also are being intercepted. They’re supposed to be exempt.

UPDATE:  When Obama supporters contort themselves to explain away his scandals, they reveal themselves.