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Our war dead

These are the men of 60th Company, Infantry Officer’s Candidate School, at Fort Benning, Georgia, a class dubbed 504-68, who were killed in Vietnam, and whom we 110 graduates (all but one of whom also served in Vietnam) remember on Memorial Day: 
One graduate:   1LT Jacob Lee Kinser
Two tactical officers: CPT Reese Michael Patrick
                              1LT Daniel Lynn Neiswender
Two drop-outs: CPL Sherry Joe Hadley    
                      SP4 Reese Currenti Elia, Jr.
UPDATE:  Two more drop-outs, inadvertently left out, but since confirmed:
                       CPL Robert Chase
                       SP4 Jeffrey Sanders Tigner

Texas as desert

Mouth of the Brazos makes a good point in reviewing the famous John Wayne movie "The Searchers." Good as the story is, the landscape pretending to be Texas is Utah or Arizona, somewhere flat, dry and dusty. I still run across Yankees who are amazed to discover we have trees and grass and rolling hills. All because of movies like that one. Good as it is.