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Meat eaters

If we had to butcher our own meals, I submit there would be a lot more vegetarians

This amusing comment at Althouse the other day reminds me how far removed most of us are from what our recent ancestors took for granted, i.e. butchering of animals on the farm for the dining table.

They were not vegetarians. Vegetarians were then awfully sparse on the ground. It is a modern phenom, aided by the fact that most of us are such wusses from having no contact with meat except under plastic film. In our timidity, we imagine being horrified at the bloody process of butchering.

We might have been. They weren’t. It was a part of their living, as it no longer is ours.


It’s the Eighth Annual International Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA Day. Hamburger, I expect, will be on the menu at the rancho where we seldom miss an opportunity to mock a pretentious person or organization. Especially an obnoxious one like PETA, which so richly deserves all the ridicule it gets.

Not that we have anything against vegetarians. Just tell us how you’d like them prepared. Heh.