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Jew hate increasing

“So here is the near future: Every time the New York Times runs another anti-Semitic cartoon (and it will), each time a left-wing member of Congress questions the patriotism or morality of American Jews (and one will), and on every occasion Jewish students are harassed on campus (and they will be), we go another mile down the road to the well-known historical disaster that is looming ahead.”

Except this time Jews will not be disarmed. The sheep dogs among us will be carrying, while the sheep prattle on about love-thy-neighbor.

Via National Review

The Grabblers

Well, what do you know? The Jew-baiters have migrated to The Onion. Taking lessons from Hamas? (The cartoon is straight out of the Arab media.) Or just the good, old American neo-Nazi version? Amazing, really.

UPDATE:  Yes, I know, they probably intended it to be satire. But it cuts way too close to the bone to be funny. Call it another example of  “When Satire Goes Wrong.” Dreadfully wrong.

Solzhenitsyn’s anti-Semitism

Nevermind this sort of hagiographic obituary babble. No doubt the Great Writer helped open some blinded eyes on the Left, as well as do humankind a favor by helping bring down the Soviet Union. Pity he had to do it while apologizing for lynching–and continuing that right up until his death.

Via Creaky Pavillion.