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School security, a trend still waiting to happen

On this supposedly peaceful Christmas day, which it usually is here at the rancho, the Nightmare before Christmas lingers. As well it should.

Mr. Boy told us that, in the days following the Newtown massacre, there were three armed security men patrolling the grounds of his middle school up the street. Mrs. Charm figures they needed three because the school has portable classroom buildings outside the main building.

I doubt very much the three armed men will be there when school resumes after Christmas break, however. The school district, top-heavy with administrators like so many educational institutions these days, couldn’t afford such extra spending for long.

Meanwhile, the “come-and-get-em” signs, otherwise known as “gun-free zone” announcements, still decorate the entrances which are said to be locked now but, again, for how long? Have noticed word that Utah has school teachers who carry concealed weapons, at least one Texas public school district does and a New Jersey school district is talking about it. UPDATE: So is state government in Arizona.

No clamor for change here yet that I’ve noticed and I don’t really expect any in liberal Austin where antigunner Democrats rule the roost, though the city pols officially are called non-partisan. Sure. Ours was the only city in Republican Texas to vote for Barry.

Despite the NRA’s good advice on the subject, at least one Texas Dem “leader” has suggested that NRA members who don’t support gun control should be slain. Uh, that would be me, but I’m not worried. The man’s mouth is bigger than his brain. Only fools and cowards make public threats.

Pundit Charles Krauthammer calls out popular video games in which players shoot people over and over again. He’s referring to the Call of Duty war games, which Mrs. C. and I have forbidden Mr. B. until he’s sixteen. We do allow him the Halo shooter game because its targets are monsters. Not a small difference to my mind, even if they are cartoons. None of us attends the Hollywood bloodbaths that pass for movies these days. I’d certainly support banning them, but their makers are Democrat donors, so we can forget that.

Home schooling may proliferate now, pundit Peggy Noonan thinks (behind the WSJ’s fire pay wall), when parents realize that the likes of the Texas Dem “leader” will block any attempt at more school security. While the elite’s own children are protected.

Not that Dems have much influence elsewhere in Texas, but our concern is here, where they do. But home schooling is out. Even if I was qualified, which I’m not. So we’ll wait and see. I’d be happy if they’d take down the damn “hunting preserve for children” signs. It would be a start.