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Floodin down in Texas?

Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi, who grew up in College Station, is wondering if floods are to come:

"The wet spring has turned into a wet summer for the Lone Star State and now that we are almost through with June and this area is still wet, there has to be concern that the level of tropical influence needed does not have to be very high to cause problems.

"I believe we are going to descend rapidly into a moderate La Nina and the last time that happened, the hurricane season of 1998 had 7 landfalls, 3 hurricanes. The European [forecast model] August/September/October precip forecast has an almost mirror image in the gulf of the ASO 1998 rainfall. If one looks at that season, one sees that there were two tropical cyclones that hit Texas, neither hurricanes, but 2 storms full of water now, moving slowly into the state[.] [W]ithout a break from the wet pattern here for more than a couple of weeks[, that] could really mean trouble."

It looks tricky enough for the next week, all of which is forecast to rain, and rain, and rain.