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Elephant in the room

Well, Hilarity has proved the long-expected once again: working class whites are less likely to vote for Barry. Some see McCain’s age similarly disadvantaging. But the old media pummeled Reagan for his age in 1980, and we saw how well that worked. Barry’s problem is worse because few will talk about his disability, and if the old media follows its wont and lectures all of us about racism between now and November, Barry-the-racial-healer will be doubly wounded. It’s particularly silly when you see ninety percent of blacks voting Barry. So how can whites voting for a white be racist? Don Surber in WV has more.

UPDATE: Hoodwinked & Bamboozled. There’s always that ten percent. In this case it’s the ten percent of blacks not voting for Barry. One of them reveals a few of Barry’s secrets and lies white people wouldn’t know.