Haunted by a pardon

Like a good Dem (at the time) I never bought into Bill Clinton’s nickname of "Slick Willie," not even after he lied about having sexual relations with a woman his daughter’s age (Monica). But when he started issuing pardons in the last hours of his presidency, I decided the moniker more than fit.

Now one of the quid pro quos is popping up, just in time to besmirch Hillary’s campaign for the presidency, specifically involving a $104,000 loan her brother, Tony Rodham, got from one of the pardonees that he has (oops) neglected to repay. Reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s problems with brother Billy. Except that Billy was merely a buffoon, and Carter never pardoned anybody that I’m aware of. Uh, except for the rumor that he helped secure John Kerry an honorable discharge.

Via Instapundit 

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