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So when does the Groper go on the block?

I mean, after all these years, they’re trying to make Bill Cosby a pariah.

Whatever happened to Bill Clinton? Slick Willie? The Groper? Where’re his multiple accusers and the media’s jump-on, pile-on morality play? Well???

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Slick Willie at it again

Lying, that is. The man who made Monica a household word and openly sold pardons at the end of his second term ought to be more humble. He isn’t.

“With President Clinton wagging his finger at the Tea Party movement and claiming that the movement is inciting violence, it is worthwhile to remember the role the Clinton administration [played] in perpetrating and covering up numerous violent and other crimes at Waco.”

Yeah, Bad Bill, tell us about all the good you did in Waco. For the children.


Modern pols are such toadies. First they call their enemies a bad name. Then they apologize, sort of. Which one are we supposed to take seriously? Both, I suppose. Let them have it both ways. You bet.

UPDATE:  Then there’s the elitest bimbo media version, some botoxed blonde know-it-all who talks trash about "rednecks" from her lofty perch and then apolgizes.

Hillarity & Ma

Seems Hillarity is strong enough in the polls now that the pundits already are handing her the nomination. Yet I cannot help but think that she can’t possibly win, especially when the non-Dems who comprise the majority of voters realize that Slick Willie comes with her. Take a page from Texas history and the first woman governor, Ma Ferguson. After Pa Ferguson got impeached, in a dispute over some banking laws, Ma got elected governor herself. Pa, naturally, came with her. But he had never generated any scandal of morals by messing with the help. Later, she would be accused of signing some questionable pardons. If I remember correctly, Old Bill did two out of the three all by himself, raising his negatives pretty high. Unless enough people have forgotten. They might have forgotten the pardons, but who could forget Monica and her famous dress?

Haunted by a pardon

Like a good Dem (at the time) I never bought into Bill Clinton’s nickname of "Slick Willie," not even after he lied about having sexual relations with a woman his daughter’s age (Monica). But when he started issuing pardons in the last hours of his presidency, I decided the moniker more than fit.

Now one of the quid pro quos is popping up, just in time to besmirch Hillary’s campaign for the presidency, specifically involving a $104,000 loan her brother, Tony Rodham, got from one of the pardonees that he has (oops) neglected to repay. Reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s problems with brother Billy. Except that Billy was merely a buffoon, and Carter never pardoned anybody that I’m aware of. Uh, except for the rumor that he helped secure John Kerry an honorable discharge.

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