Another Longhorn arrested

Fortunately, James Henry is a not a starter. Unfortunately, his charges are two 3rd degree felonies. The fact that he is the sixth player arrested since last June may reveal a larger, coaching problem, as well.

UPDATE: Sounds bad for Henry, whose playing will be missed. He set up the go-ahead touchdown against TCU. 

0 responses to “Another Longhorn arrested

  1. It looks like UT is becoming a penal colony. Not good for the future recruiting even if some of these charges are not proven in court.

  2. Realistically, if they have a winning season, it won’t matter much. In Henry’s defense, it is odd that the charges stem from an incident in July. You’d think it could have been wrapped up sooner, but, as in a lot of college towns, there is a certain degree of animosity between the local authorities and the university.