Service Nation

No Little Red Books or armbands are mentioned, but otherwise this proposed new Democrat public service shebang (which adopts some of Baby Barry’s rhetoric, piggybacks on a bill sponsored by notable loudmouth pol Charlie Rangel of New York, and whose bandwagon will be driven by that paragon of journalistic wheeze TIME magazine), certainly sounds fascistic, even communist.

It would, apparently, start out voluntary, but turn into an involuntary, no exceptions national draft for everyone 18 to 42. The really disturbing part is that the "service" they talk about, as an alternative to traditional military service, is never explained. There are no specifics at all. Guess they’d be getting to that part later. Uh, huh.

Via Instapundit.

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  1. Service Nation does NOT support mandatory national service! and it never has!
    It is a nonpartisan organization that has support from people across the political spectrum, not a far-left movement as you falsely claim. In fact, Republican presidential candidate John McCain will be attending the Service Nation summit on Sept. 11 to advocate his support for national service.
    Service Nation has very specific plans, as you would see if you visited ther website. [2 examples are: a. a Public Service Academy (equivalent to the military academies)designed to train Americans who apply to go there for a career in government or nonprofits.
    b. a Senior Corps for retired Americans to get involved to teaching or helping fellow Americans in other ways]

  2. Dick Stanley

    Ah, but if you actually go to the link provided, Eric, you will see that Service Nation supports Rangel’s bill which IS about mandatory national service. Teaching, eh? Might be good, might not be. Depends on what you teach. It’s the “helping Americans in other ways,” as you say, that I’d like to see defined. I gather you are fairly deep into this yourself, so perhaps you could enlighten me further?