Bozo the VP

While the outrage is focused on Barry boy for singlehandedly "destroying the life savings of millions of Americans," as his so-called policies push the stock market to new lows, we mustn’t forget the first solid indication we had that ole Barry had, in fact, just fallen off the turnip truck.

Why, yes, that would be his selection of Joey Hairplugs to be his veep. Of course this could have been a case of picking someone so dumb that Barry would look brilliant by comparison. Sort of like Daddy Bush’s selection of Dan Quayle.

But Bozo the VP really is in a class by himself. Dan was young. His screwups could be forgiven as the fecklessness of youth. Biden has no excuse other than being stupidier than a box of rocks. His own brother and son, for instance, are neck-deep in that $8 billion Houston fraud. So Barry must have been kidding when he said: "Nobody messes with Joe." Uh, huh. Kidding, right? We can only hope. But given his track record to date, probably not.

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