The girl can’t help it


The misSpeaker is really giving Hilarity a run in the lying department.

0 responses to “The girl can’t help it

  1. At first I thought you meant that Pelosi is giving Hillary a run in the “poor widdle woman” sense

  2. Take your pick. They’re both actors. From phony tears to outright lies.

    Neither one has any shame either.
    The “I’m just a poor widdle woman, make the bad words go away” act really bothers me, especially coming from the wench who called me a nazi a week ago.

  4. It’s odd that Antique Media (in particular self-righteous creeps like Charles Gibson) prefer these two clowns to a woman like Sarah Palin. Maybe it’s because they can safely feel superior to Hilarity and Nancy, but have to go to great lengths of editorial ridicule to do it with Sarah.

  5. He. Politics at its finest.