Texas 41, Missouri 7

Best part of this blowout was watching the rejuvenated Tuscola Kid’s almost flawless passing and occasional good running against a 4-2 team while Bama almost lost to 3-3 Tennessee and Florida struggled with 3-4 Mississippi State. I’m sure the BCS computers won’t notice, however.

KVET FM’s good announcing made the Texas game, as always. Craig Way, "the Voice of the Longhorns" and his sidekicks aren’t homers but give equal measure to both teams and all of the players. Much more complete than the half-witted commentating on ABC. The overpaid network guys never seem to know enough to actually report the game-in-progress but just keep repeating the same conventional wisdom over and over again. But this ESPN guy isn’t bad.

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  1. Most announcers for sports for networks are far too busy talking about their own careers to have any time to talk about the game going on. They drive me freaking crazy. Joe Gariagiola was the worst, he would barely interrupt his stories for a home run or a triple play.
    “Oh, there’s a home run, but back to 1953…”
    You want to have some real fun? Watch Troy Aikman calling a Giant game against anybody.
    He hates the Giants and it shows and yet Fox has him calling all the Giants games.
    I thought they would stop having him call them after the playoffs two years ago. He was cheering the Cowboys and always negative on the Giants, I thought he was going to cry when they won. He didn’t speak for probably 2 minutes near the end as Romo kept getting sacked.

  2. I’m glad I seldom watch pro football. I’m sure the “commentating” is awful. I gave up on them with the Longhorns years ago. I appreciate the picture but I listen to the radio guys every time. They are a little ahead of the picture, for some reason, but it’s not a big problem.