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Colt McCoy: injury prone

Colt’s injury last night, which probably cost Texas the BCS championship, was hardly the first time.

Not even the first time for the shoulder he said after the game had no feeling. He’d hurt it before, in 2006, followed a few weeks later by a severe pinched nerve in his neck. Then, in 2007, he suffered a mild concussion.

Says here he will now prepare for the NFL draft. He probably shouldn’t. Not only is he likely to sustain a greater injury in that more difficult arena, what team would want to invest millions in a fragile player of questionable health? He wouldn’t otherwise suffer. The Texas alumni association will see that he is gainfully, prosperously, employed for life.


Have to laugh to see that Rasmussen has a poll out showing 55 percent of “fans” expect Bama to win tonight at the Rose Bowl. I laugh because that was almost exactly the prediction level in 2006 when Texas played USC for the national championship and won. Then, people would say, Texas would be nothing without QB Vince Young. Now they say the same about QB Colt McCoy who they expect will be corraled by the Bama defense. I expect (as I did in 2006) that Texas will win it, but, again, it will be close. It’ll be a defensive struggle most of the way.

UPDATE:  Well, with McCoy apparently out of the game with an injured passing shoulder, Texas is down 18 points at the half, 24-6. Texas was looking great before Colt got hurt. But the Texas defense is not stopping the Alabama run. So, even if backup QB Garrett Gilbert was completing some of the passes he has overthrown or the Texas receivers were not dropping the few good ones, Bama might still be well ahead. Hard to see a way, frankly, that Texas can win it now, without a big improvement of their defense in the second half.

FINAL:  I don’t feel so bad with the 37-21 loss to Alabama. The Texas defense held them scoreless for 29 minutes in the second half while the offense pulled within 3. Then Bama created a fumble and got a pick and scored on both. Game over. It shows that Texas might have won if McCoy had not been knocked out. Funny thing about him, though. He is by far the most injury-prone QB Texas has ever had.

Tuscola Kid: Winningest College QB

Texas QB Colt McCoy, leading a 51-20 thumping of Kansas last night, became the winningest quarterback in college football history. The Horns will play Nebraska for the Big Twelve title. And, almost certainly, play the winner of the SEC title for the National Championship. Quite a night.

Texas 41, Missouri 7

Best part of this blowout was watching the rejuvenated Tuscola Kid’s almost flawless passing and occasional good running against a 4-2 team while Bama almost lost to 3-3 Tennessee and Florida struggled with 3-4 Mississippi State. I’m sure the BCS computers won’t notice, however.

KVET FM’s good announcing made the Texas game, as always. Craig Way, "the Voice of the Longhorns" and his sidekicks aren’t homers but give equal measure to both teams and all of the players. Much more complete than the half-witted commentating on ABC. The overpaid network guys never seem to know enough to actually report the game-in-progress but just keep repeating the same conventional wisdom over and over again. But this ESPN guy isn’t bad.

“Who stole my Snickers?”

That’s the Tuscola Kid’s first-huddle ice-breaker, according to the Austin American-Statesman’s Suzanne Halliburton. She uses it to illustrate how he’s become the Longhorns’ team leader despite being a redshirt freshman. He’ll need it to beat the Nebraska Bugeaters today. (Bugeaters was the Cornhuskers first team name, back in the 1800s.) Could be a close game, with the bookies spotting Texas just five points and at least one Austin pundit describing how they might become a two-loss team today. But they won’t. Hook Em!

UPDATE  Awfully tight game. Just 22 to 20. But we’ll take it. On to a more beatable Texas Tech.

Longhorns redux

The Horns are favored by a whopping amount over lowly Rice today at 5 p.m. at Reliant Stadium in Houston, despite the drubbing Ohio State gave Texas last Saturday. We’ll have a chance to see (ESPN2) the Tuscola Kid again, and maybe his backup, the (Jevan) "Snead in need." If he’s needed. Rice has beaten the Horns, but rarely, and not for a long time. I want the Horns to win decisively, but I hope Rice puts up a good fight.

Given that their offensive co-ordinator is none other than my old favorite Horns QB Major Applewhite, Rice certainly will try to fight. 

I’ll see if I can get my friend, Chuck Adams, a diehard Buckeyes fan in Jacksonville, Florida, to update us on their game. If Colt McCoy (the Tuscola Kid) keeps improving, and the Buckeyes do well, the Horns might just find themselves playing their nemesis again this season. 

UPDATE Cincinnatti put points up against the Buckeyes, to lose 37 to 7, and Rice finally found the end zone in the fourth quarter, but losing to the Horns 52 to 7 is hardly a good fight.