Coldest night of the fall

So far, anyhow, sez the LCRA’s Bob Rose. Hope this doesn’t mean another early winter, like last year:

"The National Weather Service has issued an [overnight]  Freeze Warning for Kimble and Sutton Counties [west of Fredericksburg] where the temperature is expected to fall to the upper 20s.  A Frost Advisory has been issued for Mason, San Saba and McCulloch Counties where the temperature will fall to the low to middle 30s.

Only mid-forties expected at the rancho. But that will be cool enough. Near seventy daytime, cooling for Halloween. The goblins will be wearing coats.

UPDATE: Nov. 18-19: It’s back in the low 40s at the rancho tonight, after dipping into the 30s last night. Result of the latest cold front to pass through. This time of year they are sporadic. Quickly warms back up, though. Please G-d, give us a normal winter for a change, when it doesn’t really stay cold for more than a day or two until January, and then only for about six weeks. Hope, hope.

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