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The Halloween that wasn’t

Can’t face the little trick-or-treaters tonight, so the front lights will be off. They’re mostly small Asian (Korean, Chinese, sometimes Vietnamese) in store-bought costumes with their proud parents hanging back just to make sure no harm comes to them in this strange American ritual.

Bless their hearts. They’re not paranoid.

Always remind me of going out in old, tattered clothes as a hobo (as the “homeless” were called in the 1950s) and the year I used two boxes to make a robot outfit, then ran out of silver paint to make it just right. Worked well in the dark however.

Have fun out there kids. Watch out for cars.

Spook City

With trick-or-treat falling on a Friday this year, we’re expecting an overflow crowd ringing the doorbell at the Rancho tonight. Unfortunately, I won’t have my usual candy give-out helper, as Mr.B. will spend the night with friends at their house.

The costumed little ones and their proud parents are always a treat and I hesitate not to be generous with them. It’s the tall teenagers and near-adults who’ll wear just a funny hat or a grotesque mask we’re more inclined to think of as a trick. So when it’s bedtime for the little ones we’ll probably turn the porch lights off.

UPDATE: Too chilly (temps in the low 60s) for the candy-mongers. Only drew five altogether—fifth through seventh graders—before I cut off the porch lights. None were little ones, alas.

Texas 41, Oklahoma State 14

Fun tonight dividing time between watching Texas whip OK State and passing out candy to the little goblins. Got a few high school kids this year, but mainly little ones accompanied by their parents. Mr. B. and two of his friends went off in costume with Mrs. C. to canvas the neighbood and, as usual, came back with a disgraceful amount of candy. It will be stale by January, their eyes always bigger than their stomachs. Almost too old for this anymore, they are.

Coldest night of the fall

So far, anyhow, sez the LCRA’s Bob Rose. Hope this doesn’t mean another early winter, like last year:

"The National Weather Service has issued an [overnight]  Freeze Warning for Kimble and Sutton Counties [west of Fredericksburg] where the temperature is expected to fall to the upper 20s.  A Frost Advisory has been issued for Mason, San Saba and McCulloch Counties where the temperature will fall to the low to middle 30s.

Only mid-forties expected at the rancho. But that will be cool enough. Near seventy daytime, cooling for Halloween. The goblins will be wearing coats.

UPDATE: Nov. 18-19: It’s back in the low 40s at the rancho tonight, after dipping into the 30s last night. Result of the latest cold front to pass through. This time of year they are sporadic. Quickly warms back up, though. Please G-d, give us a normal winter for a change, when it doesn’t really stay cold for more than a day or two until January, and then only for about six weeks. Hope, hope.

Surveillance pumpkin

Perfect. Just what we need to keep an eye on the little buggers Saturday night. Now all we have to do is draw more than the usual three or four. Takes numbers to get confident for mischief, you know.

Via Instapundit.

White button-down

Mr. B. is a little young yet to be asking for a white button-down shirt. But that’s what he wants, so I went off to Target this morning and bought one for him. It’s for Friday, at the school’s Halloween carnival. He’s going as a vampire, with makeup and cape and red satin collar, and the picture on the package the cape came in shows the vampire in a white, button-down shirt. So… But, first, there’s the little matter of a flu shot. It was to have been the FluMist, but the doctor’s office called and said they’re out of it. So it’s to be a shot. Uh-oh. Hopefully, the new shirt will help him feel better about it.

21st century pumpkin carving

If you’re still carving your pumpkin(s) for Halloween tonight, or still contemplating the idea, get thee to a grocery or hardware store and buy a set of Pumpkin Masters tools and patterns. I gave up long ago on using a kitchen knife on the tough surface of a pumpkin for fear of stabbing myself. Pumpkin Masters tools aren’t very sharp but are serrated so they cut right through, and they’re small enough to allow tracing intricate designs. I’ll put our best ones here at Rancho Roly Poly up in pics later on tonight.