Leaving Afghanistan

Fellow OCS grad Tucker Smallwood, who I have known and argued with since college days, opined the other day on our class email list that Barry should withdraw all the regulars while sending in the advisers, accompanied by air, artillery and medevac. Just as he and I did it in Viet Nam. I agreed but, probably, for different reasons.

I also see no reason to keep regulars in that briar patch with the Taliban tar baby but, moreover, I suspect Barry is going to be another LBJ, as this indicates, another micromanager all the way to defeat. The worst problem of course is that we’re really there for us, not for them. And they don’t want to fight in sufficient numbers to make advising worth while. But we could just go back now and then to clean out the Taliban rat’s nest. Annually, if necessary. It would certainly be cheaper in money and American lives.

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  1. It certainly doesn’t become easier with time. Still, when you see this:
    you can’t remain indifferent.

  2. True, but kids are compelling wherever they are and it’s impossible to improve the lives of all of them. Besides, I believe in parents, too, and they deserve a say. If they prefer to stick with what they have, as most of the Afghans seem to, it’s their choice. And, finally, a lot of American soldiers have kids of their own who shouldn’t have to grow up without parents.