No snow yet

But, then, the forecast for it says "mainly before noon" with total accumulation of less than half an inch. The temperature, however, is hovering in the upper 30s, possibly too warm for snow. Except that the forecast calls for it to drop below freezing by 6 p.m. with a hard freeze overnight.

Austin-Travis County EMS, meanwhile, reported an hour ago that the aerial flyovers on U.S. 183 near I-35 have icey conditions and there’ve been several collisions in the vicinity. We’re watching it because Mrs. C. plans to head for Houston in a few hours for the weekend.

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  1. Dear Dick,
    It’s nice to find you in cyberspace. I was thinking of the irony of the weather this morning. The NCAA apparently thought they could count on mild Texas winters when they planned the women’s soccer championships for College Station this weekend. Now as it turns out they might have been better off almost anywhere else in the country. We’re expecting highs in the low 40s here in Pennsylvania, but at least people here own gloves, hats and scarves.
    It was great to hear about all the writing you’re doing. I have an agent who is trying to interest publishers in a book about the year my sons and I spent in Colombia after Saul died of cancer in 2005. I’m hoping one will bite. Greetings to you family.

  2. Well, it’s snowing here, in Brazoria and has been for two or three hours. I understand that there is a line between Lake Jackson and Freeport (I’m guessing it generally follows 332.) below which it turns to drizzling rain.

  3. Hi Becky!
    Small world, eh? On the Net, anyway.
    Remember all those night “scenes” we worked together in East Austin? Yes, that’s all behind us now.
    Good luck with the agent. I have been riding the query-hamster wheel for months now. Am almost ready to give up. I do think non-fiction has a better chance, though, and, hence, am working on a Texana one whose subject must remain a secret for fear of competition.
    I’m sorry about Saul. I heard that but never thought I’d hear from you.
    The sun’s out here. Mr. B. said they saw a few flakes at recess this morning, but nothing much. Supposed to have a hard freeze tonight, however.
    I’ll put your link on the blogroll and visit it from time to time. Best wishes to you and your sons.

  4. JD: Mrs. C. called an hour ago, said she was 35 miles from Houston and it was starting to sleet. Her friend in the city said big flakes were coming down. Weird. Have you had enough to build a snow man? This global warming is nuts!

  5. No, it’s “weather” when it snows at the wrong time.
    It’s incontrovertible truth of climate change when it’s hot in the spring.
    It’s like you don’t understand science or something.

  6. If it’s any consolation, it snowed around here.
    Gigantic flakes, they hit the windshield like small snowballs.
    I hate snow.