A cure worse than the disease

Henry Waxman, he of the notorious nostrils, seems to be preparing for a taxpayer bailout of the newspaper industry. Say it ain’t so, Henry. What they need is to find a way to bring back the car, real estate and classified ads, which they might be able to do on their Websites which attract more eyeballs than the individual sites for car dealers and realtors, at least.

Even with government help, they aren’t likely to be able to recreate their defunct 30 percent profit business models for the paper paper. Maybe the ones who have the least debt to service can survive in diminished form. The others? I doubt even they would want to be on Henry’s leash which I’m sure he’d find a way to make selective, eliminating foes such as The Washington Times. Then there would be the problem of selling them. Who’d want to buy the news so obviously according to the federal government?

Via Instapundit.

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