Barry as Iago

Barry’s supposed journalistic critics contend he is merely clueless due to his lack of experience. But Shakespeare’s great play Othello, suggests another view entirely:

“Obama is not merely ‘clueless.’ Even when he gives lip service about the regrettable necessity of war as he did in the Nobel speech, Obama’s words do not ring true because they lack conviction. Iago, too, repeatedly professes his allegiance to Othello and has a reputation of being honest. Too many around him overlook evidence to the contrary. But careful readers understand character.”

Worth a look.

0 responses to “Barry as Iago

  1. Oh well, let’s not go overboard. Lack of conviction is ways off a premeditated evildoing.

    Who said “Never ascribe to malice that which could be explained by incompetence”? I believe in that maxim. It rarely takes you away from truth.

  2. Increasingly, as he and his party race to pass laws the polls show the majority do not want, I am on the “premeditated evil” side.