Russian spam

For some reason, most all of my comment spam caught by Akismet lately has been from Russia or at least been written in Russian. This is the least offensive one I’ve seen, though if I could read it I might not think so. Our onetime (long time ago, actually) Rooskie allies are coming up in the world, apparently.

0 responses to “Russian spam

  1. That be Ukrainian allies, rather 😉

    But spam is spam…

  2. Funny, I guess they use the same alphabet, huh?

  3. Well, I chose a bad example of “Russian,” obviously, not being well versed. That one and several others did have uk suffixes on their urls. But I have seen lots of ru.

  4. Alphabet – almost the same. Russians, for instance, don’t have “i” and some other small differences I am not very much into. Not much love lost between the two, by the way. Considering that Kiev historically was the place where the Russia started etc…

  5. Lately, I have seen other bloggers commenting on Russian spam. There must be a trend here somewhere.