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Comment spam

This stuff is getting out of hand, at the rate of ten to fifteen a day around here.

In six months, since moving the Scribbler from Movable Type to WordPress, I’ve collected (and deleted) almost more than 10,000 examples. A fatal pox on all their pathetic, English-mangling houses!

Russian spam

For some reason, most all of my comment spam caught by Akismet lately has been from Russia or at least been written in Russian. This is the least offensive one I’ve seen, though if I could read it I might not think so. Our onetime (long time ago, actually) Rooskie allies are coming up in the world, apparently.


I have eliminated the TypePad commenting system and gone back to free comments without vetting or other hassles. TypePad was already rejecting some friends of the house. Then it started rejecting me by requiring different passwords on different days. I finally got fed up with it.

I only started using it to eliminate all the comment spam I was receiving. We’ll see if the spam becomes a problem again. I expect some will come back. Hope not too much. If I have to go back to vetting, however, it sure won’t be with TypePad. It is a worthless piece of junk.

Dealing with spam comments

I used to get these all the time until I changed my comment system, which eliminated the spam but also did in several longtime commenters who suddenly couldn’t figure out the new system. Bill Peschel had a better, well, simpler, idea. It probably won’t work and it takes more time than I’d want to devote, but it’s a hoot.

Commenter missed

As inconvenient as it apparently has been for some of my rare but appreciated readers who have not noticeably returned, the TypeKey comment security system has done wonders for my productivity. I no longer have to waste time deleting scores of comment spam which were steadily rising into the hundreds every day. I gave up on trackbacks last year for the same reason, though I wasn’t getting any trackbacks, anyhow. But Tom is one rare reader whose vanished comments I especially miss. A fellow OC-504er, who spent his time in Vietnam with the 1st Cav and now commands his local VFW, he was clever enough to track down my sister-in-law’s funeral Aug. 6 in Indiana and surprise us by showing up, an hour or so away from his own Ohio River town. Hope you can eventually figure out how to make the registery work, Tom. I’d like to have you back.