Camping in Texas


This is the made-in-China, two-person tent Mr. B. and I used on his Cub Scout camping trip last month. Quite a change from my Boy Scout days in the 50s when we only had WWII-surplus pup tents assembled from shelter halves. They almost always leaked. Lots cheaper now, too. The surroundings are the campsite at Inks Lake State Park, one of the Highland Lakes in the hills west of Austin.

0 responses to “Camping in Texas

  1. I think we got your hand-me-down pup tents in the 70s. Dear Lord, those things were heavy.

    You sure are close to the nice paved road, there, Dan’l Boone. I’d be worried about a drunken dad plowing into me.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Heh. There weren’t any spots that weren’t next to a road out there. But these dads are cool. If they drink on these things they hide it very well. I’m one of the few that smokes and I feel the need to do it behind a tree. Or at least not flaunt it.