What is the purpose of America?

Philadelphia, PA. blogger John Salmon, of Rene’s Apple, also known as “Father Brown At Leisure,” says the “purpose” of America is to uplift the world’s poor. Thus he’s all for as many poor Hispanics as want to swarm over our open Southern border as possible. Come one, come all, is John’s preference.

Because he sees it as our reason for existence to offer them citizenship and elevate their standard of living. And anyone who disagrees (that’s me), he says very explicitly, is a racist. John claims to be a conservative. I think he’s really a RINO. A big-government guy in conservative drag.

Me, I’m not sure what any country’s “purpose” is. What is the purpose of Germany? What of Italy, or Russia, or, shudder, Iran?

I thought our purpose, if you could call it that, was to be free. You know: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. What do you think?

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  1. America is about freedom.
    That’s its purpose.

  2. Dick Stanley

    If it has one, that’s it. I agree.

  3. Well, since you called me a “bigot”, I’d say we’re even, Dick.

    I do suggest you travel to New York Harbor and read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. I also suggest you consider the unseemly history of Texas. I know Texans are boundlessly proud of their past, but consider that Lincoln recognized that Polk lied us into the acqusitive Mexican War. Then scream about “illegals.”

    I never said the sole purpose of the US is about uplifting the poor, but that’s part of the game. I’m no RINO. Believe me-I’m opposed to the massive public works project a vain border-sealing project would entail-something you’ve endorsed, I note.

    So, it’s the small government crowd that ought to oppose this. Why would anyone, of any political persuasion, think this government can stop up the border?

    You’re not thinking the issue through Dick-how can our purpose to be free, only? Freedom itself has to used for some particular purpose, else it is wasted.

    The pursuit of virtue is a fundamentally conservative idea.

  4. Dick Stanley

    Oh, you’re a bigot, alright, John, when it comes to Americans outside the Northeast. We’re all slack-jawed racists to you. Dumb crackers, etc.


    You’re setting up a straw man, John, when you write “I never said the sole purpose of the US is about uplifting the poor.”

    I never said you did say it was “the sole purpose.” Here’s what you wrote in your post, John: “This is largely what America exists to do, to make opportunity available for the less-fortunate.”

    What is that, if not “uplifting the poor”?

    The Statue of Liberty, BTW, was a gift from France. The inscription may inspire you. It never did me. I didn’t and don’t want the country to be wall-to-wall people, whatever their origin or ethnicity. I prefer wide-open spaces. I can see, though, living in as crowded conditions as there are up there in Yankeeland, you might be better used to it. In any case, the inscription is hardly voter-approved government policy.

    And changing the subject to the Mexican War just underscores what I said earlier about your bigotry. You really are a RINO. You argue just like a liberal. Calling names. Changing the subject. Creating straw men.

    I used to think our “purpose” as a country was to bring democracy to the world. I still think that was the aim in the Vietnam War, which I had the misfortune to have to fight, and also in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. Not to load their poor on ships and bring them all here so we can “uplift” them.

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