The “papers, please” canard

Blogger John Salmon and I are continuing our argument (when he’s not trying to change the subject to the “awful” Mexican War) about his favoring leaving the Southern border open and amnesty for all comers and, by-the-by, calling me and others who disagree with him racists.

One of his arguments against the new Arizona immigration law is the standard legacy media lie that, under its provisions, cops (presumably white fascists) will start pulling over every Hispanic Mexican-looking driver and demanding their papers proving their right to be in the country. Sounds likely to John and his fellow Northeasterners, who see precious few Hispanics Mexicans.

The flaw in the argument (which also has been made by none other than our feckless president) is the large size of the Hispanic Mexican population here in Texas (one-third of us) and the other border states. Not to mention the crucial fact that many of our cops are, themselves, Hispanics Mexican-Americans.

So no cop in Arizona or anywhere else in a border state is going to start picking on Hispanics Mexicans about their citizenship unless they are already suspected of violating the law. Otherwise, there’d be no time for said cops to do anything else but stop them, there are so many of them. You see what I’m saying?

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  1. Do you defend the Mexican War? It’s an ugly chapter in American history, as Lincoln and others knew. Polk started the war on a pretext as ugly as the Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin.

    I favor allowing people who come here to work to continue to so. You make no serious arguments against this, so I must assume your motivations aren’t good ones.

    “Precious few Hispanics”? Philadelphia, Camden, Reading-are all loaded with Hispanics. They neither reduce my standard of living or cause me any other problems. New York is full of Hispanics, of every type. Why do you persist in thinking only you, Dick Stanley ever see a Hispanic person? It must ruin your whole day every time you view one.

    I maintain that the police will be under considerable pressure to enforce this law and will pull over plenty of undeserving folks. We’ll see what happens.

  2. All comers? All working comers, yes.

    Wow-you really don’t get around much, do you? “Precious few Hispanics” in the Northeast? Ever been to New York? Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc., as far as the eye can see (you’d hate it there, trust me).

    Philadelphia has a huge population of Puerto Ricans, mostly in the lower Northeast section, as do local cities Canden and Reading. You keep saying we Yankees never see a brown face-just not true.

    And, boy, I don’t know. I think the cops will be under consisderable political pressure to enforce this new law, until the courts toss it out, of course.

    I think they’ll find ample reason to pull as many people as possible who look “wrong”.

    In what sense, by the way, was the Mexican War not an “awful thing”? “Do not do evil that good may come of it”, as we Catholics say: Polk lied us into the Mexican War, and Manifest Destiny or no, it was a morally dubious thing at best.

    My point is less about this particular law, anyway, than about the foolishness of a punitive approach to Hisapnics, whose presence here won’t be ended, no matter how little you personally like them.

  3. Sorry. Thought first comment didn’t go through.

  4. Dick Stanley

    Why do I have to comment on your opinions about the Mexican War? Common liberal opinions, by the way, ignoring all of the complexities of the issue. But why is the Mexican War relevant? You know it isn’t.

    You started from the assumption, and you continue to ply it, that anyone who disagrees with your attitude about amnesty for illegal immigrants across the Southern border is a racist. My “motivations aren’t good ones.” Why should I care what you think of my motivations? My arguments aren’t “serious”? Not to you, I guess.

    This Hispanic terminology, started by the feds, is such nonsense, anyhow. We are not talking, or I am not talking, about Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Filipinos. Only Mexicans. (I went back to the post and lined-out Hispanic and replaced it with Mexican.) It is the Mexicans who are swarming across the Southern border and most of them stay here in the border states. That’s a fact. An estimated one million every year all told. So some are bound to go north to join your non-Mexican Hispanics. But most of them stay here and always have.

    The illegals don’t bother me, except insofar as they cause the hospital district and the school district to raise my property taxes to pay for caring for and educating their children. Yes, it is a burden, and not wanting to carry it does not make me a racist. Not that Mexicans are a separate race, anyhow. More nonsense.

    Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are a part of our landscape and always have been. Knowing some Spanish is part of life here. I feel more at home with them than I do with pushy, judgmental Yankees like yourself.

    I know the illegals don’t cause you problems. They are not raising your taxes. Why should you care about them, except as a tool to help you feel morally superior to those of us who are bearing the burden?

  5. Dick Stanley

    Brown faces, you say? Many Mexicans are not brown at all. They are as white (or as pink) as you are, and cops will have no easy time picking them out of a crowd, much less on a freeway at 80 mph. But that’s a Yankee fantasy, anyhow

    Yes, I have been to New York. I worked in New Jersey for three years, so I have been to Philadelphia, too. Very crowded, very dirty places. Lots of crime. Far more than down here.

    Have you ever been to Texas? You don’t sound like it. All you know is the stereotyped redneck so beloved of the Northeastern snob. Someone to look down on, to feel superior to in your pathetic, cheek-by-jowl, grubby cities and bumper-to-bumper highways.

  6. Calling you a racist is really just admitting defeat.

    He can’t debate what you’ve written so he has to attack you personally.
    The “brown people” bit was a nice touch, I liked it.

  7. I am a Texan as well, and I agree with Dick. The issue at hand is that these illegals fled into our country (and continue to do so), and many have formed gangs, committed many crimes and none pay taxes simply because they don’t have legal citizenship! I want all of you to look up the laws of Mexico for anyone who is illegal coming into THEIR country and what you have to live by if you choose to live there! In Mexico, if you are not a legal citizen, you are not allowed to rally, you are not allowed to vote! the list goes on and on, however, the illegals in our country are allowed to do all of these things? It’s not right and it’s about time that somebody does something about it.