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The “papers, please” canard

Blogger John Salmon and I are continuing our argument (when he’s not trying to change the subject to the “awful” Mexican War) about his favoring leaving the Southern border open and amnesty for all comers and, by-the-by, calling me and others who disagree with him racists.

One of his arguments against the new Arizona immigration law is the standard legacy media lie that, under its provisions, cops (presumably white fascists) will start pulling over every Hispanic Mexican-looking driver and demanding their papers proving their right to be in the country. Sounds likely to John and his fellow Northeasterners, who see precious few Hispanics Mexicans.

The flaw in the argument (which also has been made by none other than our feckless president) is the large size of the Hispanic Mexican population here in Texas (one-third of us) and the other border states. Not to mention the crucial fact that many of our cops are, themselves, Hispanics Mexican-Americans.

So no cop in Arizona or anywhere else in a border state is going to start picking on Hispanics Mexicans about their citizenship unless they are already suspected of violating the law. Otherwise, there’d be no time for said cops to do anything else but stop them, there are so many of them. You see what I’m saying?

What is the purpose of America?

Philadelphia, PA. blogger John Salmon, of Rene’s Apple, also known as “Father Brown At Leisure,” says the “purpose” of America is to uplift the world’s poor. Thus he’s all for as many poor Hispanics as want to swarm over our open Southern border as possible. Come one, come all, is John’s preference.

Because he sees it as our reason for existence to offer them citizenship and elevate their standard of living. And anyone who disagrees (that’s me), he says very explicitly, is a racist. John claims to be a conservative. I think he’s really a RINO. A big-government guy in conservative drag.

Me, I’m not sure what any country’s “purpose” is. What is the purpose of Germany? What of Italy, or Russia, or, shudder, Iran?

I thought our purpose, if you could call it that, was to be free. You know: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. What do you think?

Seven Things I Love

Snoopy The Goon says he’s tagged me and I have to tag seven others in this venerable blogospheric game. It’s a new one for me, but I’m honored to try.

I’ll try not to make it too, too sentimental. Inject a little humor here and there, if possible. Here goes. And, except for No. 1 and No. 2, not necessarily in this order.

1) The Creator of the Universe. Who made a few big mistakes here and there, but I know he/she/it tries. And needs all the help he/she/it can get–whether that’s in any accepted theology or not.

2) Mr. Boy and Mrs. Charm and the rest of the clan, kith as well as kin.

3) A good night’s sleep. Sometimes hard to come by in increasing old age.

4) A good read. Fiction or non-fiction, book or blog post or media article, it doesn’t matter.

5) Sitting on the condo balcony at Port Aransas at night every summer watching the twinkling lights on the offshore oil rigs. Just thinking about all that non-Saudi oil makes me happy, even if I don’t own a well.

6) Texas. Anywhere (even Houston). Anytime. Rain or shine. Drought or flood.

7) Writing. Anything. I’m presently embarked on a book of Texana, though the research is not going well. A recently completed Civil War novel is piling up the rejection slips. But I’ll keep querying agents, and probably try another one of those before long.

And now, as Mr. Goon says, to the victims: Scott Chafin, CGHill, Alan Sullivan, John Salmon, whose comments I can never get to work, so I’ll link this and, maybe, he’ll see it, JD Allen, MK Freeberg, whose WordPress comment thingie on "the blog no one ever reads (except me)," keeps rejecting me, so I’ll try another link he might see, and Akaky Bashmachkin.

Inconvenient Truth


Via Rene’s Apple.

Eco-tourists trapped in ice

They wanted to see the Arctic Sea ice before global warming made it all disappear. But when they got there, it didn’t seem to be in a hurry to melt.

A hoot from Rene’s Apple.