Those golden Longhorns

Well, as some sportswriter has said, this is the first time since 2000 that the Horns haven’t been ranked. And Nebraska is waiting to make their record 3-3.

Nevertheless, it was  a good ten years. Lots of fun watching the good Horns play solid football, even winning the Champeenship in ’05. That was when Mr. B. was five years old, his having been born back at the start of that fateful 2000.

Which was also the third year of Major Applewhite, and watching him, whatever the team’s ranking or lack thereof, was worth it all. His long, accurate passes were so timely and so beautiful, you could forgive his undersized and delicate physique that found him purposely collapsing on the turf long before a sack-minded defender could reach him.

Among Major’s still-standing school records (via Wikipedia): “the longest pass play (97 yards), consecutive passes without an interception (156) and most yards passing in a game (473).”

Not even Vince or Colt could better those. Certainly not Major’s replacement Chris Simms. So if we’re due for a losing season this year, and a mediocre, Simms-like QB (and it seems we are), at least there’s the golden past to recall fondly. Thanks, guys.

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