Rockin’ Roku

My Valentine’s gift to Mrs. Charm, a Roku XD, was a hit. She likes Masterpiece Theater and similar Brit stuff, but isn’t always available when the local channel decides to run them. Now, with the various streaming video channels the Roku offers, she can choose her own time. One more reason to read Instapundit.

0 responses to “Rockin’ Roku

  1. Let me know how that works out, willya? I’ve read some bad reviews, and some good ones. Wireless HD streaming is my goal.

    Moved up to a new router w/802.11n in preparation, and now I can’t make up my mind if I want to get a disk player with that capability or go Roku, or, just get a new laptop w/HDMI output.

    Course, it’s pretty easy to lean toward a new laptop…

  2. She likes it so far.

    Some of the videos are HD, but most aren’t, and they “buffer” in the middle (word on screen is “waiting”) but not for more than a few seconds with a half-hour show.

    The watch-when-you-want is the main draw here.

    Why not get all three. Only the laptop is expensive.

  3. I guess, if you think about it, the laptop w/HDMI outpur would BE the DVD player, and have the added capability of Linda doing all her sewing machine stuff on it – freeing the high-powered W7 desktop for moi, instead of this clunky, seven-year-old XP eMachine…OK.

    Talked myself right into it. Neatly, I might add.