No white man can beat Obamalot

Bad as he is, and Barry-the-president (an adolescent who doesn’t do his homework) is baaad, no old white male Republican is going to beat him out of a second term. That’s my belief. And Shelby Steele deftly explains why:

“….anyone who runs against Mr. Obama will be seen through the filter of this racial impressionism, in which white skin is redundant and dark skin is fresh and exceptional. This is the new cultural charisma that the president has introduced into American politics.”

Steele thinks running against political correctness might do it. I don’t agree. I think the ONLY way to beat Barry, is for the GOP to nominate a woman.

So far, only Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann seem ready to run. Although whether either will is questionable. Condoleezza Rice could work but she doesn’t seem to want it. But it better be one of them because no white man has a chance. And four more years of our affirmative-action president could be devastating.

0 responses to “No white man can beat Obamalot

  1. What about a real black man? Having lived in Atlanta for many years, I really grew to like Herman Cain. I hope Repubs can get their crap together and get a formidable candidate no matter the skin color.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I like Cain, but he seems to me to be a black Ross Perot, with no more chance at election than Perot had.

  3. It will not matter who the Republicans nominate if they stick with suicidal ideas like the House Republican plan on Medicare. It has already cost them one House seat is a safe Republican district in upstate New York.

  4. If the Republicans nominate someone who seems sane like Romney or Pawlenty and they concentrate on the Economy, Obama might well be beaten. The fact that Obama is black or as they would have said in the 19th Century, a mulatto or mixed black & white, did give Obama some advantage in 2008, but now that has worn off and his skin color is definitely secondary to his job performance, especially on the Economy.